The Best Mattress for a Green Home

As the trend toward homes that are more environmentally friendly continues, many people are becoming interested in finding a green mattress to fit their home.

Conventional mattresses aren’t the best option due to the chemicals and emissions but there are a number of green mattress alternatives on the market.


What Does Green Mean?

A green product is something that is typically made from natural sources and does as little damage to the environment as possible.


Going green means utilizing sustainable products over non-renewable ones, restricting contamination and lowering one’s carbon footprint.


For lots of people, green also means making use of natural drugs and materials over chemicals and synthetics.


Natural Latex

Natural latex is an excellent alternative for green-minded customers, and may be the best mattress when it comes to eco-friendliness.


Hundreds of mattresses on the market contain chemicals that may emit odors and toxins that can cause allergies, migraines and respiratory problems and disrupt your sleep.


Natural latex does not include numerous chemicals and can be sourced naturally from rubber trees. A 100-percent natural latex mattress is the best option if you want a mattress that’s good for you and the environment.


Plant-Based Memory Foam

Memory foam is a good choice for people who want pressure relief and back support but it is laded with chemicals.This puts customers in the position of choosing between a mattress that is good for their body, yet may harm their health and the environment.


With plant-based memory foam you can have both. A more recent alternative, plant-based memory foam is green because it replaces a percentage of the petroleum-based materials with plant-derived oils.


Numerous manufacturers likewise avoid hazardous ingredients and some also manufacture beds in zero-emissions plants.