Why People Love Memory Foam Mattresses

In a sea of mattress options, many people love the comfortable support of memory foam. As memory foam softens to the exact shape of your body and warms, it creates a custom sleeping surface that has become a popular mattress since it was introduced in the 1990s.


First developed in the 1960s, memory foam is now available in a range of densities and newer blends.


Denser foams tend to be firmer and may last longer than low density foams, though, some people prefer the softer feel of low density foam. Because of its density, memory foam disperses your weight across the surface of the Best Mattress Brand and alleviates pressure on your hips and shoulders while meeting the curve of your spine for consistent support.


Memory foam, which is traditionally made from petroleum byproducts can also now be made with a mix of planted-based oils for a more eco-friendly mattress.


Another new idea is infusing memory foam with gel as a liquid or beads to help the foam feel cooler. Traditional memory foam can retain heat and lead to an uncomfortable night’s sleep for some people.


Memory foam can also last up to 20 years and prove to be a great long-term investment in your health and wellness.